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useSelectedLayoutSegments is a Client Component hook that lets you read the active route segments below the Layout it is called from.

It is useful for creating UI in parent Layouts that need knowledge of active child segments such as breadcrumbs.

'use client'
import { useSelectedLayoutSegments } from 'next/navigation'
export default function ExampleClientComponent() {
  const segments = useSelectedLayoutSegments()
  return (
      {, index) => (
        <li key={index}>{segment}</li>

Good to know:

  • Since useSelectedLayoutSegments is a Client Component hook, and Layouts are Server Components by default, useSelectedLayoutSegments is usually called via a Client Component that is imported into a Layout.
  • The returned segments include Route Groups, which you might not want to be included in your UI. You can use the filter() array method to remove items that start with a bracket.


const segments = useSelectedLayoutSegments(parallelRoutesKey?: string)

useSelectedLayoutSegments optionally accepts a parallelRoutesKey, which allows you to read the active route segment within that slot.


useSelectedLayoutSegments returns an array of strings containing the active segments one level down from the layout the hook was called from. Or an empty array if none exist.

For example, given the Layouts and URLs below, the returned segments would be:

LayoutVisited URLReturned Segments
app/layout.js/dashboard/settings['dashboard', 'settings']

Version History

v13.0.0useSelectedLayoutSegments introduced.