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The instrumentation.js|ts file is used to integrate monitoring and logging tools into your application. This allows you to track the performance and behavior of your application, and to debug issues in production.

To use it, place the file in the root of your application or inside a src folder if using one.

Config Option

Instrumentation is currently an experimental feature, to use the instrumentation file, you must explicitly opt-in by defining experimental.instrumentationHook = true; in your next.config.js:

module.exports = {
  experimental: {
    instrumentationHook: true,


register (required)

The file exports a register function that is called once when a new Next.js server instance is initiated. register can be an async function.

import { registerOTel } from '@vercel/otel'
export function register() {

Version History

v14.0.4Turbopack support for instrumentation
v13.2.0instrumentation introduced as an experimental feature