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Next.js was created by the team at Vercel in 2016.

The research and development of Next.js is led by the core team working full-time at Vercel. With over 3,000 contributors from around the world, Next.js is a collaborative open-source effort to build tools for React and Web developers.


Roadmap and RFC Process

Large architecture decisions and features start as a Request for Comments (RFC) inside GitHub Discussions. The entire Next.js community is invited be to involved in the process and discuss the tradeoffs of proposed work.

This process is essential to ensure features are built together with the community and our collaborators. More minor changes including bug fixes and documentation improvements are still implemented through GitHub pull requests. However, for larger initiatives, we believe it's essential to follow the RFC process.

Stability and Release Phases

Next.js follows Semantic Versioning and releases new versions on a regular basis.

  • Experimental: Experimental features lack essential capabilities required to be ready for stability. The feature is considered to be under active development and is being built to transition into Beta.
  • Beta: Beta means the feature does not yet meet our quality standards for a stable release. There is also usually a need for more information or feedback from Next.js developers to validate this feature works as expected in a variety of environments.
  • Stable: When the features reach stability, it is considered ready for use in production. APIs marked as stable will only change in a backward-compatible way unless there is a major release.
  • Deprecated: A feature is in the process of being removed. Deprecated features include documentation for existing users with the next steps and information on when to expect the feature to be removed.

Next.js Support

For individual developers looking for free support on their Next.js application, they can ask questions in GitHub Discussions or in the Next.js Discord.

For companies looking for paid support on their Next.js application, they can contact the Next.js team at Vercel for more information.

Additional Resources