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useParams is a Client Component hook that lets you read a route's dynamic params filled in by the current URL.

'use client'
import { useParams } from 'next/navigation'
export default function ExampleClientComponent() {
  const params = useParams<{ tag: string; item: string }>()
  // Route -> /shop/[tag]/[item]
  // URL -> /shop/shoes/nike-air-max-97
  // `params` -> { tag: 'shoes', item: 'nike-air-max-97' }
  return '...'


const params = useParams()

useParams does not take any parameters.


useParams returns an object containing the current route's filled in dynamic parameters.

  • Each property in the object is an active dynamic segment.
  • The properties name is the segment's name, and the properties value is what the segment is filled in with.
  • The properties value will either be a string or array of string's depending on the type of dynamic segment.
  • If the route contains no dynamic parameters, useParams returns an empty object.
  • If used in Pages Router, useParams will return null on the initial render and updates with properties following the rules above once the router is ready.

For example:

app/shop/[slug]/page.js/shop/1{ slug: '1' }
app/shop/[tag]/[item]/page.js/shop/1/2{ tag: '1', item: '2' }
app/shop/[...slug]/page.js/shop/1/2{ slug: ['1', '2'] }

Version History

v13.3.0useParams introduced.