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Start building with Next.js

Go from beginner to expert by learning the foundations of Next.js and building a fully functional demo website that uses all the latest features.

Learn Next.js

Learn Next.js

16 chapters that take you from React to Next.js.

Learn React Foundations

New to React? Learn how to go from JavaScript to React with this Foundations course.

How does the course work?

By building a full web application. Step by step.
Course explainer

Set up your local environment and initializing the "ACME" Next.js project template.

Use pre-styled components as part of each chapter that leverage Next.js conventions and patterns.

Hook up real application logic and data to bring a fully-fledged demo website to life.

At the end you’ll have a website that’s ready to ship and the knowledge to build and deploy your own.

Your progress will be synced as you complete chapters

Go at your own pace and pick up where you left off

Test your knowledge during each chapter

Take quick quizzes to see what you’ve learned

What will I learn?

Here’s everything that’s covered in the course.